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Exhibitor NameStand 
AdobeB22New for 2019 
All About ChristmasB12New for 2019 
Amica and Felt WorkQ20
Anglo American Distributors Ltd.C3
Art NouvocativeQ46New for 2019 Looking for a Distributor 
Artcuts LtdQ12New for 2019 Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter 
Ascalon Design Ltd.M12
Bailey & BrookeC27
Berni Parker Designs LtdQ39New for 2019 
BrownTrout Publishers LtdQ85New for 2019 
Calico CottageQ21
Candle Light ProductsB16New for 2019 
Casdon ToysC20
CGB GiftwareA37Looking for a Distributor 
Charles TaylorQ2
C K Supplies Ltd.Q70
Culinary ConceptsM24
Davies Products (Liverpool) Ltd.B5
Deva Designs LtdB12aNew for 2019 
Fair to Trade Ltd.C4
Felt So GoodC5
Festive Productions Ltd.C1
Flame Homeware Ltd.A40
Floralsilk Ltd.B2, B9
Florelle Import Co.A29
Fountasia International Ltd.QS2
Giftscribes Gifts Ltd.Q25
Giftware TradingA30
Gisela Graham Ltd.M14, M16Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Google+ Instagram Pinterest Product Category Sponsor 
Global Journey Ltd.A34Looking for a Distributor 
Gwynedd ConfectionersQ72
Hamac Trading CoM2
Heaven SendsC37Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest 
Heyland & WhittleQ9
History & HeraldryB11New for 2019 
Hogewoning B.VB1
House Of MarblesB18New for 2019 
IEP WholesaleA38
Janice Daughters Artist & IllustratorQ43New for 2019 Looking for a Distributor 
JayMark Products LtdD16New for 2019 
Jeno Floral ImportsA28
Joe Davies Ltd.C19Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest 
Jupp IllustrationsQ11
Kaemingk BVM1
Keel Toys Ltd.D2
The Kilted Christmas Tree CompanyB20New for 2019 Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Instagram 
Konstsmide (UK) Ltd.M22
Richard Lang & Son Ltd.A6Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter Instagram 
Lemax-Europe BVA25
Lesser & Pavey Ltd.D10
Lotus Imports Ltd.C18
Lumens Homeware LtdQ64New for 2019 
Luxa Ltd.M26
Middle Mouse Group LtdQ51New for 2019 
The Milford CollectionA2
National Tree CompanyB15
Natural Partners LtdQ44New for 2019 
NOMAA9, A22Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram Pinterest 
Padgett Brothers AtoZA7
PMS International Group PlcB6
Popshots StudiosQ15
Premier Decorations Ltd.H1Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest Product Category Sponsor 
Premier HalloweenH3New for 2019 
Premier Summer LivingH2
Puckator Ltd.B4
Puleo Asia Ltd.C22Looking for a Distributor 
Playwrite Group PlcQ26
Riffelmacher & Weinberger GmbhA8
Rosanna RossiQ16Looking for a Distributor 
Royal County Products Ltd.C2Looking for a Distributor 
RSW International Ltd.B14
Sass & BelleC10Contact this Exhibitor 
The Satchville Gift CompanyA4
SavewellQ98New for 2019 
Sifcon International PlcB3
Sincere UK Ltd.A18
Smart Garden Products Ltd.Q1
Sparkle and Light Ltd. - Christmas 3D GlassesC3a
Stands Out Ltd.Q19
Suki Gifts International Ltd.A36
Straits Trading Company Ltd.C41
Tallon International Ltd.D12
The Art FileQ10Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter Instagram Looking for a Distributor 
The Christmas Tinsel Co LtdQ6New for 2019 
The Great British Card CompanyB17
The Original Metal Sign Co.B10
Tomcat CardsQ37New for 2019 Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter Instagram 
TouchFinderTBAContact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter YouTube 
Transomnia Ltd.C24Contact this Exhibitor Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Pinterest 
Trend Mania Ltd.Q50
TwizlerQ32New for 2019 
Ultimate ProductsQ87New for 2019 
Vivid Arts Ltd.QS1
Walton & Co Ltd.A35
WIDDOP and Co.B13Contact this Exhibitor New Products for 2019 Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Instagram Pinterest Product Category Sponsor 
Xystos - Flame & Fragrance-Bath & BodyD17

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